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Buying an Investment Property

Thinking of Investing?

At SP. Property Management we know what we do best. Manage property. However, luckily for you our buyer expert and Co-Director Marcus Gould can help you with independent advice.

At SP. Property Management Marcus offers a full suite of services to assist you through the process of buying property.

He specialises in:

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Leasing at a Fixed fee

If you need new tenants, I charge the equivalent of one week’s rent

  • Mid-week & weekend open homes
  • Dedicated leasing agent (me)
  • Premium advertising on and Domain
  • Professional photography
  • Rental appraisal
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Property Maintenance

At SP. Property Management we go the extra mile. This can be seen in our approach to property maintenance.

Unlike traditional Property Managers who simply accept every invoice without question and charge it straight to the owner without even looking at the invoice, we source the best price for all service and maintenance whilst ensuring quality workmanship.

Our preferred team of reliable, experienced tradespeople can attend to all matters that arise. We look after a wide range of services, including smoke alarm replacement, rubbish removal, general cleaning, pest control, electrical and plumbing repairs to name a few.

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Routine Inspections

Detailed and regular routine inspections are an important part of ensuring your investment is being treated correctly.

We inspect your property 3 months after a new tenant moves in and then every 6 months thereafter. A detailed inspection report will be forwarded to you after every inspection and any issues arising will be discussed with you in detail.

Ideally, we encourage owners to attend at least one inspection each year.

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